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by you

Coresi Avantgarden Concept

A concept conceived and developed for the present and future.

When I outlined the masterplan of this project in 2015, as developers – Kasper Development and Ceetrus – I understood that Brașov needs not only housing blocks, but also green spaces for spending leisure time, a nursery or a kindergarten, areas for sporting activities and especially for playgrounds for the little ones … In short, I sketched an urban story project.

Through the large project we are currently building – Coresi Avantgarden – we offer residents the joy of living in a vibrant community, a place where neighbors have all the facilities to socialize and live in a harmonious and dynamic environment.

Thought in the smallest detail

Coresi Avantgarden is the only residential complex in Romania, so harmoniously integrated between a Shopping Resort and an office campus. The complex comprises several areas of interest, the main one being the residential component, followed by an area of commerce and services on the ground floor of the blocks, educational units, community hub, as well as other complementary functions. We have provided several socializing areas, playgrounds for the little ones at each stage of the project, bike paths and a generous park in the fourth phase.

A new lifestyle. Inspired by you

We are developing more than just a housing complex.

It’s a story we all believed in; both you, the ones who drew on the paper a dream with the name at home, and we, the construction team that brought it to life. The place where you chose to live is based on your vision and needs. The feelings of comfort and tranquility you have when you are at home, together with family and friends, are incomparable. In order to enjoy the small details, we constantly make efforts to customize your apartment, from the project stage, taking into account your style. A vision brought to life means for us a fulfilled goal. Inspired by you. To have part of the warm and welcoming atmosphere you want.

Building stages

The entire complex will be developed in five stages. 4,600 families will live in Coresi Avantgarden.

The first two stages of the complex are completed. By the end of 2019 we will hand over the keys to all the residents of the third phase.

Phase 1
667 apartments
13 buildings
Concept M2 Studio

Phase 2
352 apartments
9 buildings
Concept M2 Studio

Phase 3
288 apartments
4 buildings
Concept IGLOO

We are currently selling and developing the fourth phase of the complex. The concept belongs to M2 Studio and was implemented in 15 blocks comprising 806 housing units. To keep up to date with the state of the art, check out the Journal on the Site section of the Blog.In addition to the children’s playgrounds provided in this phase, we have reserved 2 400 square meters of land for the development of a park.

Plans for 2020: We are starting phase five, with the potential to develop 2,400 apartments. Each block will have underground parking. Also at this stage will be developed a sports complex and a new school dedicated to this neighborhood.