Your apartment

2 rooms

We designed areas for every kind of activity just for you.
Kitchen, living-room and a separate bedroom, exactly to your taste. Choose one of our two-room apartments, starting from 57,74m2.







More generous areas for living and storage for every type of apartment. We introduced the one-room apartment through the available housing.



We redesigned everything you knew about refinements. From the exterior to the interior, everything was upgraded. The quality of the solutions and materials is from the top range of the manufacturers.



We redefined the standard for your house facilities. You forget about power plant problems and enjoy the floor heating facilities. For the first time, we introduce the underground car parks in the neighbourhood.

Comfort +
Premium Changes


Designed to support you.

To invest.

Full payment at the beginning

The price needs to be paid in full at the signing of the sales agreement.

Payment in agreed instalments

30% at the pre-contract, 30% until the completion, and the rest of 40% at the registration of your property.

Bank loan payment

With a prepayment of 30% we can set out. The rest of 70% is paid by the bank at the signing of the sales agreement.

Unique in every point.

Of view.

Location, infrastructure, design. Building architects and top designers. They work together in order to build more than a well-done project. They create a lifestyle beyond your expectations.