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1. Where is the complex located?

The Coresi Avantgarden residential complex is located in the municipality of Brasov, in the Tractorul neighborhood, at the intersection between Zaharia Stancu and Tudor Arghezi streets, opposite the Coresi Shopping Resort shopping center.
We thought you wanted to be as close as possible to all the important areas of the city. Therefore, the distance to the historical center is 5 km, and if the steps take you to the Civic Center you have to cross only 3 km. You should not have any problems even if your roads are heading towards the center of Brasov, because you have fast access, just like the one to the E574 bypass road.

2. Where can you park?

Coresi Avantgarden is really the place you call home. Here you will find everything you need for yourself and your loved ones, including your parking space – included in the price of the apartment.

3. What means of transport circulate around the area?

Here are the means of transport available to you:

trolleybuses 7 (Bearing – Roman), 8 (Bearing – Saturn) and 15 (Avantgarden Bartolomeu – Coresi – Triaj)
buses on lines 2 (Bearing – Coresi – Auchan Coresi – Livada Poștei) and 9 (Municipal Stadium – Coresi – Bearing).

4. Where can you shop?

You have everything you need within 200 m, even at your big brother – Coresi Shopping Resort. There you will find over 100 shops and all the services you need – fashion, accessories, appliances, gifts, as well as numerous ways to spend your free time. Also nearby is a Lidl store or Auchan Coresi hypermarket – the largest in Transylvania.

In the complex you will find commercial spaces on the ground floor of the blocks, with services and facilities that complement the ones offered by the area.

5. Facilities for children

Children are our joy, but also our daily concern. We want the magic to take shape in their lives too, so we made sure they have everything they need at hand. For them we prepare at Coresi Avantgarden numerous playgrounds, but we also provided space for setting up a kindergarten / nursery. Nearby are the schools or kindergartens in the Tractorul neighborhood, as well as the entertainment areas of Coresi Shopping Resort.

6. We maintain a high standard of quality

You can relax, the qualified staff of the management company will control the quality of the entire neighbourhood to the highest possible standards by perimeter patrol. Only then will we enjoy a clean and safe neighbourhood together.

7. How do I buy?

Only you can turn a house into a “home”.

We invite you to the sales office, where you will discover the specific atmosphere of Coresi Avantgarden, you can talk to our specialists and, finally, convince yourself that you have managed to find the perfect home.

We have affordable apartments and low rates for Mortgage Credit. You can pay for the house in two installments or in full in advance to get the lowest price. Take advantage of flexible financing solutions, tailored to your needs, which the sales consultant presents to you for free!

8. Who can we talk about buying / renting an apartment or commercial space?

Sales office Coresi Avantgarden
Brașov, Str. Zaharia Stancu no. 6, SC2, ground floor
Time schedule:
Monday – Friday 9AM – 6PM
Saturday 10am – 2pm
Closed on Sundays
Phone: +40 738 527 737

9. Where is the Adminos?

For any information regarding the administration of the complex, we invite you to visit us.
Brașov, Str. Zaharia Stancu no. 6A, basement
Time schedule:
Monday 10:00AM – 12:30PM and 1:30PM – 6:00PM
Phone: +40 735 444 000

1. What is the administration fee?

The administration fee is calculated according to the useful surface of the apartment and includes the following services:

Cleaning services in the stairwell for buildings / blocks located in the Condominium; Perimeter patrol / neighborhood; Caring for the green spaces inside the Condominium (including activities such as: mowing and watering the lawn; trimming trees, raking, cleaning the green space, weeding, vitaminizing as needed); Snow removal services on need and cleaning on access roads; Infrastructure services activity: staff employed to keep records, read counters, accounting program.

2. Where do we pick up the keys?

The keys from the post office, the entrance to the block and the entrance to the designated basement can be picked up from the Administration office, every Monday or Friday between 10:00 – 18:00.

3. Can I pay the invoice online?

Of course, it is even indicated as the easiest method of payment. For Coresi Avantgarden you can pay using the link in the email or pay directly online by scanning the QR-Code on the invoice. Online payments are facilitated through our partner Twispay.

4. Where can we see the plans of the speakers + parking spaces?

The plans can be found and attached to the sale-purchase contract. These can also be analyzed within the Administration office, every Monday or Friday between 10am and 6pm.

5. Can you give me more information about Netlink?

The Netlink Coresi office is located at the basement of the 6th Corps, more information about the services offered by the dances is available there, or online at

6. What is the calculation algorithm for the part quota?

The share is calculated based on the useful surface of the house plus the storage box, this being the same as that calculated by the cadastral office and registered in the sale-purchase contract.

7. How much does it cost to collect household waste and why?

The price for raising household garbage was increased from 11.69 RON (VAT included) to 16.78 RON (VAT included), this change occurring following the decision of HCL 678/17.12.2021 and coming into force from 01.03.2022. This price is regulated by the local authorities.

8. When do I recover my advance payment at the reception?

When the utilities transcript is completed, the colleagues dealing with this aspect will contact you to send you the status and regularize the outstanding amounts.

1. Can you pay in foreign currency?

Yes, your sales agent can give you more details about this.

2. How and when do I get the parking space?

Starting with the fourth phase of the project, they will be delivered at the final reception of the apartment.

3. What is the 120 days delay?

This is the margin of error required by us because we cannot appreciate the fluctuations caused by multiple external factors, such as the availability of labor force, the weather conditions the availability of materials or the variations of their prices.

4. What is the procedure for connecting to utilities?

These are done in their own regime, for the necessary detailed steps please send us a request in this regard to, and the colleagues will attach the document available for delivery.

1. How is the neighborhood managed? What are the costs?

The management of the neighborhood is provided by the Adminos Administration, the costs can be consulted in the individual Management Contract of each owner.

2. Is the parking place included?

Yes, each apartment has a parking space available and included in the purchase price.

3. Is it possible to purchase a second parking space? How much does it cost?

No, the number of parking spaces is finite and the legal margin must be taken to ensure a number of parking spaces for visitors.

4. Are streets and street lighting ceded to the town hall?

Yes, they are administered by the developer until the time of transfer to the local authorities.

5. How are the finishes chosen? When? What are the extra costs?

The choice of finishes is made when your Block goes through the plastering stage, then you will receive an e-mail that proposes you the appointment schedule for the elections.

During this meeting, you will be presented with all the necessary details and you will be able to choose from the available finishing packages, the Standard one being included in the price of the apartment. For the Medium or Premium packages there are additional costs, depending on the quality of the materials and the difficulty of the work.

6. Am I allowed to make changes? What are the costs?

Yes, some changes are possible, for these please ask the sales agent.

7. Who makes contracts for gas and electricity?

These are done in their own regime, for the detailed steps necessary, please send us a request in this regard to and the colleagues will attach the document available for delivery.

8. What guarantees are there?

– 5 years guarantee from the receipt of the work for: the good execution of the works for immobile installations, plastering, waterproofing, insulation, sanitary and batteries;

– 2 years guarantee from the reception of the apartment for: good execution of the finishing works (tiles, faience, parquet, washable), thermal insulation, mobile installations, entrance doors and interior doors;

– 3 years for the thermal power plant provided that the PROMITIONAL BUYER BENEFICIARY makes the periodic checks required by the manufacturer and proves these checks;

– for the resistance structure of the construction – according to the Romanian legislation applicable in the field of construction.

9. Who owns the land?

In the development stage, the land is free of any tasks, being owned by the two developer partners, Kasper Development and Ceetrus.

Following the completion of the purchase of the apartments, the land is owned by all the owners, each having a share of it depending on the useful surface of the apartment.

10. If I pay cash do I get a discount?

In the case of apartments purchased cash, the price offered is the best based on the possibilities of the developer. For more details on this aspect, please talk to your sales agent.

11. If I pay in advance, what guarantees do I have? If you go bankrupt?

Contractually, the developer agrees to deliver the apartment paid by you under the agreed conditions.

12. When is it asphalted?

The infrastructure is a priority for us, thus, the paving of the streets in the neighborhood will start after each stage of the construction and will be completed as soon as possible.

13. Do you sell with installments directly to the developer?

We are open to several payment methods. For more details on this aspect, please talk to your sales agent.