You become an owner and you benefit from the first moment and unconditionally of sustainable partnerships.
You have multiple benefits directly using the Smart Cityclub card.


Industrial, modern or classic … Regardless of style, at Mobexpert you get a 10% discount on furniture and decorations for your apartment or terrace.

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In the new apartment you need a new sofa! You choose the pattern, texture and color. You receive 5% discount on any product purchased from the store on Calea București 104.

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Arredo Mobili

Before arranging the apartment consult a specialist Arredo Mobili for a 3D simulation of your home.

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Kudia Studio

Home improvement should be a pleasure, not an extra concern. Kudia Studio – representative of the German producer Bauformat-Burger – is your personal consultant in the design and arrangement of the kitchen.

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Medlife Brașov

Take care of your health! At MedLife Brasov you get discounts for medical services based on the Club Coresi Avantgarden program.

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Allianz Tiriac

Special offers for a wide range of financial protection and planning products and services, on all segments of insurance – cars, Armonia Plus housing, travel, health.

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Centrul Magnus

Did you choose to be an avantgardist? Get 20% off all Magnus School language courses as well as the after-school program for your child!

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Come Back

Over 20 assortments of coffee and chocolate, lemonade, pastry and sandwiches, homemade pasta or dessert. You get 10% discount on the payment note for your favorite products.

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Don Antonio

The Italian restaurant is perfect for a business lunch or a leisurely dinner with family and friends.

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Rovere Mobili

Luxury furniture for those interested in fashion, design, art and refinement. The uniqueness of the products is given by the quality and prestige of some famous brands.

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Ador Mobila

Is planning a new apartment a challenge? Custom furniture for the kitchen, bedroom or living room at Ador Mobila.

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Nomasvello Beauty Salon Coresi offers you premium services No + Vello, the number 1 brand in the world in cosmetic treatments with IPL, at a preferential price.

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The Home

The Home is first and foremost an interior design shop, which contains heavenly fragments of a “home” for all tastes. A concept inspired by the authenticity of the Nordic style, based on simplicity, refinement and quality.

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Smart Lighting

Lighting fixtures play an important role in your comfort level. Classic or modern, chandeliers or ceilings, chandeliers or wall lamps … we offer you over 1500 models equipped with LED lighting.

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We offer products that improve the comfort level of each buyer. Because we know how important it is to have a restful sleep and to be surrounded by beautiful and good quality objects.

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Annora Lighting

Design. Personality. Functionality. Elegant lighting fixtures for your home in Coresi Avantgarden at a special price. Thousands of products in the two showrooms on Calea București no. 1 and Iuliu Maniu no. 33, Brașov.

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Best Optic

The best methods and technologies in optometry to provide you with the visual correction solution according to your needs, activities, expectations and budget.

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Unique in every point.

Of view.

Location, infrastructure, design. Building architects and top designers. They work together in order to build more than a well-done project. They create a lifestyle beyond your expectations.