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Coresi – a developing neighborhood

Located less than 5 km from the Historical Center, 2 km from the Civic Center of Brașov and 1.5 km from the train station, Coresi enjoys an excellent location and benefits from many facilities in the immediate vicinity.

Through the master plan of the regeneration of the former industrial platform Tractorul, Coresi neighborhood represents an emblematic project for Brasov. The newly developed area makes a substantial and valuable contribution to the city, representing 8% of the useful area of the municipality. With an area of 124 ha, the urban regeneration project will run for a period of 10 years.

Coresi neighborhood is an autonomous ecosystem that integrates mixed functions: Coresi Shopping Resort and Street Coresi, Coresi Avantgarden complex and Coresi Business Campus. In its version integrated with the office area, the new Coresi neighborhood will carry the vision of developing sustainable, animated and intelligent multifunctional spaces, with added value for clients, employees, residents or visitors of Brasov.

Coresi Community

Currently the community of Coresi Avantgarden has no less than 1300 families, and another 800 will join in the fourth phase. But the plans do not stop here … The fifth phase of residential development comes with a unique concept, which will combine and express all the experience gained by developers in recent years. The project is inspired by the needs of those who will live in the complex. This concept “inspired by you” transposes from the plan in reality that dwelling adapted to the current lifestyle of its beneficiaries, but will be able to respond to the requirements of the next generations.

Olympic pool

Olympic Rink

Multifunctional Sports Center

Public High School

Kindergartens (2)

Private University

Sports Park

Fitness Center (2)

Private Health Clinic

Public Service Center

State University

Public Transport